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“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not...? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”
             — Patrick Henry

athered from a variety of sources, the articles below shed much-
  needed light on facts seldom reported in the popular media, taught by
  most of academia, or acknowledged by the U.S. federal government.  The combined effect of these writers reveals how severely the popular American mindset has been conditioned to substitute popularized myths and baseless notions for such historical facts and common-sense principles as were defined in the U.S. Constitution in the first place. 

Those who pursue a course of open-minded inquiry are sure to be rewarded with greater insight and knowledge concerning both Americas distant history and her recent past, particularly with respect to the nature and conduct of the U.S. federal government and those who conduct its affairs.  May knowledge of the truth compel them to take a positive action for the sake of her future.  

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 American Imperialism & Interventionism
 Bipartisan, Statist Fleecing of America
 Conservative Republican Myth
 Drug War Follies
 Education Follies
 FDR & New Deal Myths
 Federal ‘Care’ for Americans’ Health
 Fiscal (& Monetary) Follies
 Gun Control
 IRS—Federal Tax Fraud
 Labor Unions
 Lincoln, Slavery, and Civil War Myths
 Media Follies
 Police State
 Privatization of ‘Public’ Services & Property
 Our Violated Constitution
 Socialism / Collectivism
 Social Security
 Superiority of Free Market Capitalism
 United States Founding Documents
 World Hunger, Population, & Environmental Myths

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  American Imperialism & Interventionism

Imperialism is the pursuit of power and prestige abroad, by
 means of wealth plundered from subjects at home—a practice
 of the U.S. government for well over a century now.

Democracy Is Not Freedom

Once Again, Democracy Is Not Freedom

Democracy: The Engine of Freedom’s Destruction

Democracy, the Worst Form of Government

What's So Good About Democracy?

“Truly defensive wars never need a draft to recruit troops to fight.”
   - U.S. Rep. Ron Paul

I’m Free Because I Voted, Right?

Presidential War Powers

An Empire for America

A Century of War

Foreign Policy in One Lesson

Pat Robertson Accurately Describes U.S. Foreign Policy

The Nationalization of the American People

From Communism to Terrorism

World War I:  Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight

The Catastrophic Legacy of World War I

How Americans Have Been Misled about World War II

The Road to Absolutism

Global Interventionism and the Erosion of Domestic Liberty

The Case for Staying Out of Other People’s Wars

“A system that routinely submits control over the largest, most deadly enterprises on earth to the winner of popularity contests between charismatic demagogues is bound to suffer for it in the long run.”
      - James D. Davidson &
         Lord W. Rees-Mogg

The Exploitation of Soldiers

More Cannon Fodder, Please

9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

Oklahoma City and 9/11

Bush Knew that No Hussein—al-Qaida Link Existed

Bush is the One Rewriting History

The Iraq War – A Catastrophic Success

Original Rationale for Invasion was Groundless

Regime Change Was an Immoral Excuse for War

The Middle East Quagmire

Dissent in Pentagon Ranks Over Iraq War

Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong

The Myth of the Voluntary Military

Suppose You Wanted to Have a Permanent War

“There are only two things we should fight for . . . the defense of our homes and the . . . Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.”
 - Gen. Smedley Butler USMC 1933

Libertarians & the Warfare State

Feeling Sorry for the Foolish

Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798 - 1993

  ‘Bipartisan’ Statist Fleecing of America

The “Two-Party System” in the U.S. has become one of the most
 subtle—yet effective—instruments of plunder in modern history,
 wherein the public is kept polarized over a contrived “left-right”
 political dichotomy, while the federal government ignores the
 Constitution and confiscates their property.

The Phoney ‘Bi-Partisan’ Presidential Debate Process

Hacking Democracy - Vote Fraud in America

The Sham of Political Compromise

The Bipartisan Political Monopoly in the U.S.

The Bipartisan Scandal of U.S. Corporate Welfare

Bipartisan Drug Entitlement

Bipartisan Congress Protects Itself from Media

The Pledge:  A Federated Republic or ‘One Nation’?

The Pledge:  The Real Objection

The Pledge:  Here We Go Again

The 9/11 Commission Sideshow

Do We Need Another ‘New Deal’?

Should We Cancel the National Debt?

The Follies of Aid and Debt Cancellation

The Failures and Fallacies of Foreign Aid

What Should America Do For Africa?

Private Help for Tsunami Victims

Tsunami Aid: Not Theirs to Give

Not Yours to Give

A Tax Is Not a User Fee!

The Lying State

The Anatomy of the State

Democracy Is Not Freedom

Money: The Great Gold Robbery

Is the Fed an Inflation Fighter or Creator?

The Greenspan-Paul Congressional Exchanges: 1997-2004

The Federal Attack on the Dollar

Congress and the Federal Reserve Erode Your Dollars

The Myth of the “Independent” Fed

Budget Deficits

Bush Profiteering from Housing Defaults

  ‘Conservative’ Republican Myth

Despite its abundant “talk” to the contrary, the modern Republican
 Party’s “walk” has little to do with classic conservativism, which
 —ironically—finds its roots in classical liberalism.

The Myth of Republican Conservatism

How Conservative Is George W. Bush?

What a Republican Majority Has Not Meant

The Party of Big Government

The Hijacking of the Republican Party

Big-Government Republicans

The Future of the Republicans

Four Years Growth

Marching for Life

A Party Without Virtue

  ‘Drug War’ Follies

As it went with the first anti-liberty, police-state
“Prohibition,” so it goes with the second...

Inflicting More Pain

Top 10 Pot Studies Government Wishes it Never Funded

The Bipartisan Drug Warp

The American Drug War:  A Futile, Costly Police Action

Drug War Crimes

The U.S. Government Is the Biggest Drug Dealer in the World

States Should End the Drug War

Debunking the Drug War

Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense

The Drug Crisis

Black Legislators:  Drug War Has Failed

  ‘Education’ Follies

Government “education” benefits only government (not the People)
—yet it is the People whose property is plundered to finance it.

Government Can’t Run Schools Like Businesses

Peanut Butter, Education, and Markets

Federal Control of Education Needed? It Just Ain’t So!

“No Child Left Behind” and Houston’s “Zero Dropouts”

The Great Voucher Fraud

Education In America

The Hoax called “No Child Left Behind”

What’s Wrong with Public Schools?

Parental Rights vs. Public Schools

The Case for the Private School

The Underground History of American Education

  FDR & ‘New Deal’ Myths

The federal government, not free enterprise, caused the 1929
stock-market crash and the Great Depression.  FDR only prolonged the subsequent misery.  His programs—heavily popularized by statists and socialists (both then and now)—foisted on a naïve American public the false security of tax-and-spend big government.

Great Myths of the Great Depression

The New Deal Debunked (again)

Money: The Great Gold Robbery

Myths of the New Deal

FDR: A Fitting Memorial?

The Mythology of Roosevelt and the New Deal

FDR and the End of Economic Liberty

The Greatest Economic Myth of the Twentieth Century

Federal Government Growth Before the New Deal

FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N.

LBJ, FDR, and Lincoln: Peas in a Pod

Fascism Comes to America

Conservative Intellectuals Embrace FDR, Jump Off Cliff

Greatest Heroes Who Fought FDR’s New Deal

The Roosevelt Myth

Hating 'That Man in the White House' All Over Again

  Federal ‘Care’ for Americans’ Health & Safety

The agenda of the U.S. government’s health- and safety-oriented
bureacracies has consistently placed protecting certain monopolies
and increasing their own power above Americans’ health and safety.

Mercury on the Mind

The Flu Scare Game

Blame Government for the Vaccine Shortage

Autism: FDA, CDC in Bed with Pharmaceutical Industry

The FDA’s Fructose Foist

The FDA Can’t Be Reformed

Abolish the FDA!!

Fluoride Follies

Fluoridation Revisited

Economists Against the FDA

Dietary Supplements and Health Freedom

OSHA Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Paying Dearly for Free Prescription Drugs

FDA Wants You To Tell It How To Tell You What To Do

Getting Fat From the War on Capitalism

Pharmacracy: Medicine and Politics in America

Are Dietary Guidelines a Public Good?

A Campaign Against Dietary Supplements

Health-Care Socialism

Drugged Up on Power

The Mental Health Parity Scam

Mad Cow puts Role of USDA in Question

The Food Police Are Watching You

  Fiscal (& Monetary) Follies

Each year the bipartisan monopolists in Congress increase the national debt, fail to balance the budget, and plunder the People via monetary inflation — to bloat their bureaucracies at home and fund their adventures abroad — proving themselves unfit as servants in the interest of the People.

Don’t Believe Those Inflation Numbers

All Work, No Pay

Public Servants, My Foot

Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

Charity and Compulsion Dont Mix

Spending Limits Are Not Enough

Budget Deficits

What Has Government Done To Our Money? (Book)
Available as a PDF

The Case for the 100 Percent Gold Dollar
Available as a PDF

Money: The Great Gold Robbery

Is the Fed an Inflation Fighter or Creator?

The Greenspan-Paul Congressional Exchanges: 1997-2004

Free Trade and the Climb out of Poverty

The Forgotten Private Banker

Top 10 Basic Economic Truths

  Gun Control

An armed and informed citizenry was advocated by the Founders, but hated and feared by many whose agendas do not reflect the principles of liberty and limited, accountable government.  (Surprised?)

Reviving the Second Amendment

Registration: The Nazi Paradigm

A Nation of Cowards

The Greatest Safeguard Against Tyranny

Sources on the Second Amendment

Gun Facts

Guide to Gun Policy & Second Amendment Scholars

Not About Hunting

Gun Control Heroes

Gun Show Loophole

Free Speech Kills

Brady Wrong on Automatic Weapons

  IRS — The Federal Tax Fraud

The word “income” in the 16th Amendment did not refer to wages and salaries, and the Supreme Court has affirmed it to grant no new taxing authority to Congress, and therefore especially no authority to tax wages and salaries.  In doing so anyway, the IRS engages in intimidation and obfuscation to perpetuate a government fraud of the highest order.

New York Times “Refutes” Russo Film?

1770s Tax Rebels “Good” - 2000s Tax Rebels “Bad”?

The Power To Destroy

The National Sales Tax Disaster

The 861 Evidence

IRS Abuse Reports

  Labor Unions

The Freedom Not to Pay for Other People’s Politics

Do Capitalists Have Superior Bargaining Power?

Bring Back the ‘Yellow Dog’ Contract!

  Lincoln, Slavery, and Civil War Myths

More Trouble for the Lincoln Cartel

Lincoln’s Suspension of Habeas Corpus

The Civil War’s Tragic Legacy

War and Secession

The Greatest Presidential Reflection Since Lincoln?

The Question Still Lives

Abraham Lincoln In His Own Words

King Lincoln Archive

  Media Follies

How the Media Twist the News

Liberal Bias: A Conservative Illusion

Must the News Media Be Inimical to Freedom?

The Press and Patriotism

  Police State

It Can’t Happen Here

Everyone’s A Suspect

Psycho Feds Target Children

Police State USA

I’m Free Because I Voted, Right?

God, Bush, and Functional Atheism

Tyranny’s Gate (Bush Tramples Bill of Rights)

Eight Years In Federal Prison Without A Trial

Creeping Censorship

TSA Persecutes Assault Victims Who Resist

Warrior Cops

Do We Really Want More Policemen?

Voting For The Lesser of Two Police States

Will a Police State Protect Your Liberty?

Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights

A Man’s Home Once Was His Castle

The US Police State

Has Congress Created ‘Federal Police Power’?

Gun Nuts at 30,000 Feet?

London (07/05) Bombings: Where’s the Video??

  Privatization of ‘Public’ Services & Property

Privatize the Roads

Roads Without the State

Freeing the Freeways

Why Not a Free Market in Education?

Privatization: Is it the Answer?

The Free Banking Alternative

Public Lands and Private Incentives

  Our Violated Constitution

Traitors to the American Revolution

CAFTA Passed by Manipulation & Coercion

The WTO Trap

The Nine Divines - and the Constitution

Mr. Bush Neglects the Constitution

A Very Republican Disaster

In the Name of Emergency

Freedom’s Fair-Weather Friends

How Tyranny Came to America

Tyranny’s Gate (Bush Tramples Bill of Rights)

The “Good-Government” Attack on Free Speech

Campaign Finance Reform and the 1st Amendment

Did Business Want Campaign-Finance “Reform”?

Bush’s War on the Bill of Rights

Campaign Finance Reform: The Issue and the Lies

Individual Happiness and the Minimal State

Eight Years In Federal Prison Without A Trial

Constitutional Futility

  Socialism / Collectivism

Income Taxes, Obesity & Other Maladies of Nanny Statism

What is Interventionism?


Why Socialism Is the People’s Choice

Why Socialism Is Evil

Why Socialism Is Evil, Part II

The Welfare State Rewards Liars

Anticapitalist Drivel: Fast Food Nation, Nickel and Dimed

19 Neglected Consequences of Income Redistribution

The Rise of Government and the Decline of Morality

Just Say No to Farm Subsidies

The Peril of Unlimited Government

The Nazi Mind-Set in America

The Perversity of Doing Good at Others’ Expense

Equal Rights for the Disabled, Indeed

The Law, by Frédéric Bastiat

Lenin Was Right: Socialism is like the Post Office

America’s Socialized Health Care

No Rights without Property Rights

Why I’m No Longer on the So-Called Left

The “Oil-for-Food” Smokescreen

Criminalizing Fireworks

  Social Security

The Shady Origins of Social Security

Surplus politics

Social Security's Real Secret

Why Trust in Social Security?

The Immorality of Social Security

Social Security: Facing The Facts

The Coming Financial Collapse of Social Security

Don’t Privatize Plunder

SSA’s Response to a Request for Freedom

Repealing, Not Reforming, Social Security

The Revolution of 1935

Why Save Social Security?

More Social Security Deceit

“We” Paid for Our Social Security, Didn’t We?

  The Superiority of Free Market Capitalism

What Is the Free Market?

The Real Johnny Appleseed

Banking Without Regulation

Perils of protectionism

Dumping: An Evil or an Opportunity?

  U.S. Founding Documents & Principles

Declaration of Independence

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Bill of Rights

Additional Constitutional Amendments

A Chronology of US Historical Documents

The Bill of Rights: Bail, Fines, and Cruel and Unusual Punishments

The Bill of Rights: Unenumerated Rights

Due Process of Law

  World Hunger, Population, & Environmental Myths

The Facts about World Hunger

Playing the Wrong Tune to End Poverty in Africa

35 Inconvenient Truths – The Errors in Al Gore's Movie

When Will the Catastrophists Learn?

Don’t Fund UNFPA Population Control

The Hypocrisy of Environmentalism

Greens Oppose Treaty for Politics, Not Environment

A Century of Forest Service Ineptitude

What Is Multiculturalism?

‘Global Warming’ is based on a mathematical error

Myths of Global Warming

Rise of Sea Levels is 'the Greatest Lie Ever Told'

Scientists Oppose the Mainstream Global Warming Assessment

650+ International Scientists Debunk Global Warming “Consensus”


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